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Current Menu - October


Guinea Fowl Rillette

Guinea fowl rillette, spiced apple compote, toasted brioche, pickled cauliflower and a red wine syrup. (D, G, MU, C, E)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Sicilian Insolia – Full Bodied White - 12.5% £7.95


Pan roasted quail, confit leg, poached quail egg, black garlic puree, corn and silver skins, with a stock reduction. (D, MU, E)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Chilean Pinot Noir Gran Riserva – Fresh and Elegant - 13.5% £10.25

Beef and Prawn Satay

Beef and prawn satay, charred gem, coconut crisps and a coriander oil. (SO, P, N CR, G)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Nero D’Avola – Luscious Red - 14% £8.95

Curried Cauliflower

Curried cauliflower, apple infused raisins, cumin roasted squash, mint yogurt, mango salsa and toasted macadamia nuts. (D, N)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Les Hautes – Fresh and Fruity White - 13% £8.25

Red Mullet

Fillet of red mullet, fennel, caramelized artichoke, charred grapefruit and a green olive crumb. (D, F, MU, M)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Italian Cerasuolo Rose’– Fruity Crisp and Light - 12.5% £6.75

Beetroot Cured Salmon

Beetroot and gin cured salmon, orange curd, toasted fennel seeds, sweet pickled radish, walnut and a soured cream horseradish. (D, F, N)


Wine recommended: a Glass of New Zealander Sauvignon Blanc - Medium Dry and Bright – 13% £9.75

Freshly baked bread and flavoured butter. (G, N, D, E, M, MU, S) £2.95

The 14 Recognised Allergens by the Food Standards Agency are:
C-Celery, CR-Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, G-Gluten, L-Lupin, M-Milk, MO-Mollusc, MU-Mustard, N-Nuts, P-Peanuts, S-Sesame Seeds, SO-Soya, SD-Sulphur Dioxide. We also advise dishes where Dairy products are used, denoted by the letter D.

Main Course


Pan roasted cod, pancetta cassoulet, courgette puree and a tarragon pesto. (D, F, N, C, MU)


Wine recommended: Chilean Chardonnay – Refreshingly Clean and Aromatic - 13% £35.50


Pheasant ballotine, mushroom, pine nuts, swede and thyme puree, pickled turnip, spinach and a stock reduction. (D, MU, G, N)


Wine recommended: Chilean Pinot Noir Gran Riserva – Fresh and Elegant – 13.5% £29.95

Mushroom Consommé and Gnocchi

Mushroom consommé, thyme gnocchi, confit tomatoes, roasted shallot, and chestnuts. (D, G, M, N)


Wine recommended: Italian Pinot Grigio – Crisp - 12.5% £26.95
Italian Chianti Classico – Smooth and elegant - 13% £32.95

Beef Fillet

Local beef fillet, dauphinoise potato, leek, celeriac puree and a red wine reduction. (D, MU, G, M)


Wines recommended: Barolo - 15% £88 OR Brunello - 14% £105

Rabbit and Prune

Saddle of rabbit stuffed with whiskey prunes and walnuts served with a confit leg croquette, honey glazed heritage carrots, beets and a stock reduction. (D, N, MU, G)


Wine recommended: Chilean Pinot Noir Gran Riserva - Fresh and Elegant - 13.5% £29.95

Sea Bass and Mussels

Pan fried sea bass, mussels, celeriac fondant, saffron emulsion and samphire. (D, F, CR, MU, N)


Wine recommended: French Picpoul De Pinet – Fresh and Lemony - 12.5% £32.95
Italian Trebbiano - Fruity & Full Bodied White – 13% £36.95


Chocolate and Earl Grey

Chocolate ganache, milk crumb, earl grey ice cream and a sable biscuit. (D, E, M)


With Recioto… £13.45

Praline Parfait

Praline parfait, toasted nuts, caramelized banana, dark chocolate and a banana crisp. (N, D, E, M)


With Marsala £13.45

Lemon and Meringue

Lemon curd, Italian meringue, passion fruit sorbet, crystalized white chocolate, and a basil crumb. (D, G, E, M)


With Limoncello or Muscat £13.45

Ginger Cake and Mango

Ginger cake, cardamom and mango sorbet, gingerbread crumb, roasted pineapple and a mango cream. (G, E, D, N)


With King’s Ginger Liqueur £13.45

All accompanying dessert drinks are served in 35ml measures

Cheese board

A selection of three different cheeses, served with nuts, cheese biscuits, whiskey soaked raisins, grapes and tomato compote. (Please ask a member of staff for today’s selection) (D, G, N, M, C)


With a flight of 3 paired 25ml wines or 10ml whiskies: extra £7.50pp

Allergy advice

If you have special dietary requirements or allergies please ask for this weeks allergy list. This identifies the fourteen main allergy groups that may be present in this weeks menu.
E & OE.

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