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Pigeon and Celeriac

Pan roasted pigeon breast, creamed celeriac, pancetta crumb and a stock reduction. (D, MU)


Wine recommended: A Glass of Pinot Noir Gran Reserva – Fresh, Elegant, Persistent - 13.5% £10.25

Duck Liver Parfait

Duck liver parfait, truffle butter, toasted brioche, plum compote, pickled carrot with a gingerbread crumb. (D, G, MU, E)


Wine recommended: A Glass of Port – Intense, Fruity - £5.25 OR A Glass of Shiraz – Dry and Soft - 13.5% £11.45

Beef and Prawn Char Sui

Beef and prawn char sui, pak choi, toasted sesame seeds and spring onion. (SO, P, N CR, G)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Nero D’Avola – Luscious Red - 14% £8.95

Squash and Ricotta Ravioli

Squash, ricotta and pine nut ravioli, charred chicory with a pesto dressing. (D, N, G, E)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Les Hautes – Fresh and Fruity White - 13% £8.25


Pan fried mackerel, beetroot and orange risotto, parmesan crisp, with an orange and tarragon dressing. (D, F)


Wine recommended: A Glass of Sauvignon Blanc – Crispy, Delicately Acidic - 13% £9.75

Soy and Maple Cured Salmon

Soy and maple cured salmon, peanut crumb and brittle, pickled pak choi, and a wasabi cream. (D, N, G, F)


Wine recommended: a Flute of Champagne Jean-Paul Deville - 12% £12.50 OR Wine recommended: a Glass of Rose’- Balanced, delicate finish – 13.5% £9.45

Freshly baked bread and flavoured butter. (G, N, D, E, M, MU, S) £2.95

The 14 Recognised Allergens by the Food Standards Agency are:
C-Celery, CR-Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, G-Gluten, L-Lupin, M-Milk, MO-Mollusc, MU-Mustard, N-Nuts, P-Peanuts, S-Sesame Seeds, SO-Soya, SD-Sulphur Dioxide. We also advise dishes where Dairy products are used, denoted by the letter D.

Main Course


Pan roasted cod, crushed apache potatoes, capers, spinach, olive tapenade and a dill cream.


Wine recommended: Zibibbo Al Qasar – Light, Crisp - 12% £29.95

Thyme and Rosemary Lamb

Thyme and rosemary crusted lamb cannon, garlic infused confit potato, buttered leek, anchovies, honey roasted carrot puree and a stock reduction. (D, MU, G, F)


Wine recommended: Côtes du Rhône - Full bodied Red – 13.5% £26.95

Spiced Cauliflower

Turmeric spiced cauliflower, cumin infused almond couscous, roasted aubergine and a red pepper sauce. (D, G, M, N)


Wine recommended: Chianti Classico – Smooth and elegant - 13% £32.95

Beef Fillet

Lincolnshire beef fillet, pomme anna, kale, cauliflower, sour cream and horseradish and a red wine reduction. (D, MU, M)


Wines recommended: Barolo - 15% £88 OR Brunello - 14% £105

Honey Glazed Pork

Honey glazed pork fillet, smoked pork belly, black pudding puree, apple ketchup, pomme dauphine, charred onion and a pork and mustard reduction. (D, MU, G, E)


Wine recommended: Riesling Reserve – Delicate, Dry Finish - 12.5% £32.95 OR Rioja Reserva – Intense, Dry, Full - 14.5% £35.95


Plaice, roasted fennel, samphire, pickled grapes and an anise beurre blanc. (D, F)


Wine recommended: Chablis – Dry and mineral - 12.5% £35.95
Italian Trebbiano - Fruity & Full Bodied – 13% £36.95


Praline Mousse Choux

Praline mousse filled choux bun, salted pecan crumb, caramel and a clotted cream ice cream. (D, E, N, G)


With Ruffole Liqueur… £13.45

Chocolate and Orange Tart

Chocolate tart, orange marmalade, candied orange zest, chocolate soil, crème fraiche sorbet. (G, D, E, M)


With Chambord £13.45


Spiced poached rhubarb, mango and tarragon sorbet, meringue, almond tuile And a rhubarb soup. (D, G, E, M)


With Marsala Wine £13.45

Banana and Walnut Cake

Banana and walnut cake, candied walnuts, caramelized banana and a Kahlua ice cream. (G, E, D, N)


With Muscat £13.45

All accompanying dessert drinks are served in 35ml measures

Cheese board

A selection of three different cheeses, served with nuts, cheese biscuits, whiskey soaked raisins, grapes and tomato compote. (Please ask a member of staff for today’s selection) (D, G, N, M, C)


With a flight of 3 paired 25ml wines or 10ml whiskies: extra £7.50pp

Allergy advice

If you have special dietary requirements or allergies please ask for this weeks allergy list. This identifies the fourteen main allergy groups that may be present in this weeks menu.
E & OE.

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