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Current Menu - December


Pork and Apricot Rillette

Pork and apricot rillette, with black pudding and pistachios served with toasted brioche and piccalilli. (D, G, MU, E)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Sicilian Insolia – Full Bodied White - 12.5% £7.95


Roasted partridge, confit leg croquette, wild mushrooms, squash puree and a stock reduction. (D, G, MU, E)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Pinot Noir Gran Riserva – Fresh and Elegant and Persistent - 13.5% £10.25

Beef and Prawn Satay

Beef and prawn satay, charred gem, coconut crisps and a coriander oil. (SO, P, N CR, G)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Nero D’Avola – Luscious Red - 14% £8.95

Spiced Pear and Dolcelatte

Spiced poached pear, dolcelatte, candied hazelnuts, carrot and cardamom puree and honey roasted figs. (D, N)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Les Hautes – Fresh and Fruity White - 13% £8.25

Teriyaki Tuna

Teriyaki tuna, sweetcorn, charred broccoli, mooli and blue radish. (D, F, SO, MU, S)


Wine recommended: a Flute of Champagne Jean-Paul Deville - 12% £12.50

Orange and Vodka Cured Salmon

Orange and vodka cured salmon, orange curd, avocado, caviar, cucumber and dill. (D, F)


Wine recommended: a Glass of Pinot Grigio - Flowery and Fresh – 12.5% £8.45

Freshly baked bread and flavoured butter. (G, N, D, E, M, MU, S) £2.95

The 14 Recognised Allergens by the Food Standards Agency are:
C-Celery, CR-Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, G-Gluten, L-Lupin, M-Milk, MO-Mollusc, MU-Mustard, N-Nuts, P-Peanuts, S-Sesame Seeds, SO-Soya, SD-Sulphur Dioxide. We also advise dishes where Dairy products are used, denoted by the letter D.

Main Course

Sea Bream and Cider

Pan fried sea bream, mussels in a cider and chorizo broth served with salsify, apple and sea fennel. (D, MO, G)


Wine recommended: Chablis – Dry and mineral - 12.5% £35.95


Pheasant ballotine, leg confit, cranberry and chestnut, spiced red cabbage puree, sprout and pancetta fricassee and a stock reduction. (D, MU, G, N)


Wine recommended: Cotes du Rhone - Full bodied Red – 13.5% £26.95

Chestnut and Carrot Tart

Chestnut and honey glazed carrot tart, parsnip textures, broccoli, fondant leeks and a spinach velouté. (D, G, M, N)


Wine recommended: Chianti Classico – Smooth and elegant - 13% £32.95

Beef Fillet

Lincolnshire beef fillet, pomme anna, savoy cabbage, wild mushrooms and a red wine reduction. (D, MU, G, M)


Wines recommended: Barolo - 15% £88 OR Brunello - 14% £105

Duo of Pork

Maple glazed tenderloin, crispy belly served with prunes, cauliflower, black pudding and a stock reduction. (D, MU, G)


A variety of wines can be enjoyed with this dish: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chianti, Gewürztraminer, Merlot. We would be happy to help making the choice to your taste.


Hazelnut crusted brill, sautéed wild mushroom, artichoke puree, crispy kale and a lemon beurre blanc. (D, F, MU, N)


Wine recommended: Trebbiano - Fruity & Full Bodied White - 13% £36.95


Chocolate and Yuzu

Chocolate ganache, Yuzu cream, chocolate and coffee granita, crystalized white chocolate. (D, E, N, G)


With Recioto… £13.45

Mince Meat Frangipane

Spiced apple and mincemeat frangipane, brandy and clotted cream. (G, D, E, M)


With a Flute of sweet sparkling Asti £13.45

Plum and White Chocolate

Cinnamon and ginger roasted plums, gingerbread crumb, white chocolate sorbet and a whiskey sabayon. (D, G, E, M)


With Ruffole Liqueur £13.45

Rum and Raisin Cake

Rum and raisin cake, butterscotch cream, coconut sorbet, rum gel and raisin puree. (G, E, D, N)


With either Sweet or Dry Sherry £13.45

All accompanying dessert drinks are served in 35ml measures

Cheese board

A selection of three different cheeses, served with nuts, cheese biscuits, whiskey soaked raisins, grapes and apricot compote. (Please ask a member of staff for today’s selection) (D, G, N, M, C)


With a flight of 3 paired 25ml wines or 10ml whiskies: extra £7.50pp

Allergy advice

If you have special dietary requirements or allergies please ask for this weeks allergy list. This identifies the fourteen main allergy groups that may be present in this weeks menu.
E & OE.

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